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Actually i am working on the project "Permanente Revolution", KO*OP (with Paolo Moretto) and the band projects Sonic Toy Lab and futureduck.

In 2009 i finished the long term projects "us
cookbook" and the TIBU * system:

us cookbook 2004 - 2009

This us cookbook is an introduction to a special kind of the US*American cooking. The recepies are created by people who where senteced to the death
penalty in the state of Texas and the menues were served to them as their final meal directly before they were electrocuted. This is an example of a
growing number of final meals at Texas jails. For more information visit the webside of Texas Department of Criminal Justice (www.tdcj.state.tx.us).
These menues present a first informative and original entrance to the world of tasty American fast food and the idea of a powerful democracy. It gives,
especially to the ambitious amateur cook, a fine possibility to present an unforgettable event for body and soul to his or her friends. The guests will
sing the cook´s praises.
The us cookbook exhibition and performences were shown in Hamburg, Amsterdam and New York between 2004 and 2009.

TIBU*system 2003 - 2009

The TIBU*system is planned as a system of moving shelters (TIBU = Trans Industrial Bunker). They´ll move beneath the Pure Cities, these cities without any shadows (thanks to the TILUX building brick), and the shelters offer the living space and the space for dreams for those, who like to escape the Pure Cities. Within this deadly Trans Industrial Society the
TIBUs are the only possibility to relax without TILUX and to survive in a very smooth and cozy atmosphere.
Different reconstructions of the TIBU System were presented in Hamburg, New York, Amsterdam and Veenhuizen between 2003 and 2009.