raise and fall of TI





In 1997 Italian artist Paolo Moretto and i wrote the manifesto "Transindustriell" (Trans Industrial). In the same year we started with activities under the label Transindustriell (exhibitions called manifestations). In the following years a number of artists came together in different combinations and for different activities like exhibitions, manifestations, performances to form in a spontaneous way the idea of transindualism.
Already in the beginning Jan van Wissen had in his series of unwritten books the title "The raise and Fall of the Transindustrial Empire". And he was right. After a long time of agony we decided to terminate TI: the funeral party took place in Hamburg in October 2009.

Paolo and i are now moving forward to KO*OP (see KO*OPweb).

The main TI activities were:

The Trans Industrial Manifesto
The Trans Industrial Congress 1999 (TIC 99)
The Trans Industrial Manifestations (TIM)
The Trans Industrial Toy Orchestra (TITO)

And now something

completely different