This double CDR (permaREV 024) features 3 improvisations (including one short Crackle Box quartet, a hommage to Michel Waiswisz) by futureduck & Company (Robert Klammer, Peter Kastner & Ine Ophof, Jan van Wissen). It was recorded in October 2009 at Studio KO*OP in Hamburg.


The CDR permaREV 023 presents the soundtrack for the live-performance "schreien/die bessere Welt" ("screaming/the better world"). It was recorded by Peter Kastner in 2009. The first live-performance of this piece took place at Open Performance Art Festival / Beijing , September 2009.


permaREV 021 (CDR) is a documentation of the TITO Alzheimer underground installation. The recording were made by Ine Ophof, Jan van Wissen and Peter Kastner in spring 2009 in Amsterdam and Hamburg. The Installation was presented during the festival for actual music Blurred Edges at Studio KO*OP in Hamburg 2009.